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The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Liverpool, New South Wales



Latitude: -33.92092, Longitude: 150.92314


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ann  23 May 1840Liverpool, New South Wales I1731
2 Anderson, Ellen Australia  20 Feb 1855Liverpool, New South Wales I1735
3 Anderson, Emily Caroline  7 Nov 1863Liverpool, New South Wales I1765
4 Anderson, George  4 Jun 1819Liverpool, New South Wales I1749
5 Anderson, George Robert  4 Oct 1850Liverpool, New South Wales I1734
6 Anderson, Gerald John  27 Dec 1857Liverpool, New South Wales I1736
7 Anderson, Henry James  9 Jul 1844Liverpool, New South Wales I1732
8 Anderson, Louisa Adelaide  17 Jan 1849Liverpool, New South Wales I1733
9 Anderson, Male  27 Dec 1857Liverpool, New South Wales I1737
10 Anderson, Maria  16 Feb 1817Liverpool, New South Wales I1748
11 Anderson, Maria Elizabeth  3 Mar 1842Liverpool, New South Wales I1738
12 Anderson, Mary Ann  6 Jan 1816Liverpool, New South Wales I1746
13 Anderson, Rebecca  23 Jul 1838Liverpool, New South Wales I1730
14 Anderson, Robert  2 Aug 1814Liverpool, New South Wales I306
15 Anderson, Sarah Jane  16 Dec 1846Liverpool, New South Wales I53
16 Anderson, Thomas Albert  16 Feb 1853Liverpool, New South Wales I1739
17 Champion, Ethel Maud  1884Liverpool, New South Wales I314
18 Davis, Lorna E  1913Liverpool, New South Wales I888
19 Doyle, Vera Annie  1908Liverpool, New South Wales I1785
20 Head, Alice Jane  19 Mar 1874Liverpool, New South Wales I1974
21 Head, Minnie Ann  26 Aug 1875Liverpool, New South Wales I1975
22 Head, Thomas Henry  29 Jul 1880Liverpool, New South Wales I1976
23 Jones, Charles Robert  circa Apr 1877Liverpool, New South Wales I375
24 Jones, Charles Robert  31 Dec 1911Liverpool, New South Wales I51
25 Jones, Cornelius Henry Rowe  2 Nov 1880Liverpool, New South Wales I313
26 Jones, Doris May  30 Nov 1905Liverpool, New South Wales I316
27 Jones, Edna Florence  1907Liverpool, New South Wales I317
28 Jones, Elaine Fay  4 Apr 1933Liverpool, New South Wales I7
29 Jones, Frederick  8 Jun 1919Liverpool, New South Wales I1772
30 Jones, George Richard  13 Apr 1879Liverpool, New South Wales I44
31 Jones, George Thomas  30 Dec 1902Liverpool, New South Wales I49
32 Jones, Henry James  1887Liverpool, New South Wales I308
33 Jones, Jean  26 Mar 1913Liverpool, New South Wales I1773
34 Jones, John William  21 Nov 1882Liverpool, New South Wales I374
35 Jones, Leila May  3 Apr 1932Liverpool, New South Wales I43
36 Jones, Leslie James  10 Oct 1907Liverpool, New South Wales I40
37 Jones, Lily Locke  16 Jul 1891Liverpool, New South Wales I377
38 Jones, Lloyd Leslie  7 Jan 1936Liverpool, New South Wales I42
39 Jones, Thomas Albert  13 Apr 1885Liverpool, New South Wales I376
40 Jones, Thomas William  23 Jun 1910Liverpool, New South Wales I48
41 Jones, Vera May  24 Jul 1910Liverpool, New South Wales I318
42 Jones, Vera Pearl  11 Sep 1902Liverpool, New South Wales I315
43 Jones, William John  1905Liverpool, New South Wales I50
44 Neville, Ada A  1886Liverpool, New South Wales I598
45 Neville, Elizabeth Olga  1893Liverpool, New South Wales I319
46 Neville, Elsie May  17 Jun 1882Liverpool, New South Wales I45
47 Neville, Eva Levina  1889Liverpool, New South Wales I600
48 Neville, Henry K L  1896Liverpool, New South Wales I602
49 Neville, Mabel J  1883Liverpool, New South Wales I597
50 Neville, Selina E  1891Liverpool, New South Wales I601

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, George Robert  18 Apr 1919Liverpool, New South Wales I1734
2 Anderson, Gerald John  14 Dec 1931Liverpool, New South Wales I1736
3 Anderson, Male  27 Dec 1857Liverpool, New South Wales I1737
4 Anderson, Robert  30 Dec 1839Liverpool, New South Wales I1740
5 Anderson, Robert  24 Jun 1866Liverpool, New South Wales I306
6 Anderson, Thomas  23 Apr 1815Liverpool, New South Wales I1745
7 Bayley, Thomas Henry  11 Aug 1977Liverpool, New South Wales I1775
8 Clegg, John  12 Jan 1834Liverpool, New South Wales I1751
9 Fairnham, Joseph Houston  1942Liverpool, New South Wales I893
10 Fortescue, Alfred George Ernest  16 Feb 1870Liverpool, New South Wales I1759
11 Franklin, Mary  9 Jul 1831Liverpool, New South Wales I1741
12 Healy, Johanna  Bef 12 May 1944Liverpool, New South Wales I1806
13 Jones, Charles Robert  8 Jan 1878Liverpool, New South Wales I375
14 Jones, Cornelius Henry Rowe  30 Sep 1954Liverpool, New South Wales I313
15 Jones, Doris May  5 Dec 1978Liverpool, New South Wales I316
16 Jones, Frederick  1 Nov 1993Liverpool, New South Wales I1772
17 Jones, George Richard  13 Feb 1956Liverpool, New South Wales I44
18 Jones, Henry James  17 Mar 1930Liverpool, New South Wales I308
19 Jones, John  4 Apr 1934Liverpool, New South Wales I52
20 Jones, John William  29 Feb 1884Liverpool, New South Wales I374
21 Jones, Lily Locke  2 Aug 1968Liverpool, New South Wales I377
22 Jones, Thomas Albert  5 Nov 1885Liverpool, New South Wales I376
23 Jones, Thomas William  12 Sep 1914Liverpool, New South Wales I48
24 Jones, Vera Pearl  12 Sep 1902Liverpool, New South Wales I315
25 Jones, William John  20 Aug 1963Liverpool, New South Wales I50
26 King, Charlotte  10 Sep 1845Liverpool, New South Wales I312
27 Marsh, Irene Mabel  11 Jan 1985Liverpool, New South Wales I9
28 Neville, John  27 Apr 1868Liverpool, New South Wales I1798
29 Neville, Selina E  1891Liverpool, New South Wales I601
30 Neville, Thomas  22 Nov 1927Liverpool, New South Wales I164
31 Neville, William J  1888Liverpool, New South Wales I599
32 Noakes, Arthur Herbert  25 Aug 1960Liverpool, New South Wales I871
33 Noakes, Edith Laura  19 Feb 1938Liverpool, New South Wales I1802
34 Noakes, Elizabeth Matilda  1 May 1893Liverpool, New South Wales I165
35 Noakes, Frank Llewellyn  9 Jul 1951Liverpool, New South Wales I872
36 Noakes, James  24 Jul 1950Liverpool, New South Wales I631
37 Noakes, Lewis Herbert  4 Aug 1939Liverpool, New South Wales I634
38 Noakes, William Ernest  27 May 1911Liverpool, New South Wales I633
39 Reid, Andrew Laurie  11 Aug 1921Liverpool, New South Wales I393
40 Thomas, David  1874Liverpool, New South Wales I1729
41 White, George Henry  20 Aug 1940Liverpool, New South Wales I545
42 Winter, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1901Liverpool, New South Wales I307

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Capel, Frederick Charles  26 Jul 1915Liverpool, New South Wales I1056
2 Leslie, Arthur Henry Waldegrave  28 Jun 1915Liverpool, New South Wales I651


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Anderson / Dodd  1879Liverpool, New South Wales F615
2 Jones / Doyle  31 Jan 1925Liverpool, New South Wales F622
3 Jones / Fardell  1946Liverpool, New South Wales F623
4 Jones / Sawyer  2 May 1963Liverpool, New South Wales F254
5 Noakes / Elliott  16 Jul 1890Liverpool, New South Wales F191