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The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Newtown, New South Wales



Latitude: -33.897, Longitude: 151.1793


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Croker, Alexander Charles  5 Jun 1905Newtown, New South Wales I1677
2 Croker, Aubrey Neville  4 Jun 1906Newtown, New South Wales I1678
3 Croker, Charles Perry  17 Dec 1903Newtown, New South Wales I1674
4 Croker, James Thomas N  5 Jun1905Newtown, New South Wales I1676
5 Guy, Isabella Ann  20 Oct 1883Newtown, New South Wales I260
6 Hadlow, Stephen William  1865Newtown, New South Wales I1447
7 Hamilton, Minnie  15 Jun 1880Newtown, New South Wales I1156
8 Kentwell, Clifford Austin Kelynack  24 Mar 1913Newtown, New South Wales I435
9 Lincoln, Allan John   I147
10 Lincoln, Annie Neville  7 Oct 1886Newtown, New South Wales I1617
11 Lincoln, Arthur George  28 Aug 1897Newtown, New South Wales I1623
12 Lincoln, Arthur Reginald  17 May 1884Newtown, New South Wales I241
13 Lincoln, Bertie Charles  20 May 1893Newtown, New South Wales I194
14 Lincoln, Bradley   I433
15 Lincoln, Charles Herbert  4 Jun 1882Newtown, New South Wales I240
16 Lincoln, Daisy Doris  10 Apr 1891Newtown, New South Wales I193
17 Lincoln, Edward Charles  8 Jun 1874Newtown, New South Wales I234
18 Lincoln, Emily Ann  24 Nov 1879Newtown, New South Wales I1606
19 Lincoln, Ethel Mary  27 Aug 1882Newtown, New South Wales I1294
20 Lincoln, Eveline Pearl  23 Feb 1895Newtown, New South Wales I1621
21 Lincoln, Florence Elizabeth  29 Aug 1884Newtown, New South Wales I1614
22 Lincoln, Florence Isabella  16 Oct 1880Newtown, New South Wales I1293
23 Lincoln, George Ernest  13 Apr 1886Newtown, New South Wales I242
24 Lincoln, George Thomas Ernest  30 Jan 1875Newtown, New South Wales I1602
25 Lincoln, Gertrude Edith  24 Jul 1872Newtown, New South Wales I236
26 Lincoln, Gwendoline Pearl  6 Feb 1895Newtown, New South Wales I195
27 Lincoln, Henry C  8 Jun 1874Newtown, New South Wales I1601
28 Lincoln, James  31 May 1867Newtown, New South Wales I229
29 Lincoln, James Hamilton  17 Dec 1876Newtown, New South Wales I1603
30 Lincoln, Jane Mary Anne  15 Sep 1875Newtown, New South Wales I235
31 Lincoln, Jessie Matilda  25 Jun 1881Newtown, New South Wales I1608
32 Lincoln, John Lambert  30 Aug 1890Newtown, New South Wales I244
33 Lincoln, John Samuel  18 May 1888Newtown, New South Wales I1618
34 Lincoln, Laila Mildred  17 Jan 1905Newtown, New South Wales I198
35 Lincoln, Learne   I432
36 Lincoln, Leslie Hargreaves  21 Nov 1901Newtown, New South Wales I197
37 Lincoln, Louisa Gertrude  11 Apr 1888Newtown, New South Wales I243
38 Lincoln, Maude Annie  13 Aug 1880Newtown, New South Wales I1607
39 Lincoln, Minnie Ann  5 May 1882Newtown, New South Wales I1611
40 Lincoln, Sharon   I431
41 Lincoln, Sidney James  9 Mar 1880Newtown, New South Wales I237
42 Lincoln, Sylvia Catherine  11 Sep 1898Newtown, New South Wales I196
43 Lincoln, Thelma Leoni  7 Nov 1907Newtown, New South Wales I199
44 Lincoln, Thomas Parish  27 May 1890Newtown, New South Wales I1619
45 Lincoln, Violet Ann  2 Oct 1884Newtown, New South Wales I1615
46 Lincoln, William Albert  14 Feb 1878Newtown, New South Wales I1605
47 Lincoln, William Daniel  6 Sep 1889Newtown, New South Wales I1299
48 Lincoln, William Samuel  27 Apr 1877Newtown, New South Wales I1290
49 Maish, Florence Nevil  20 Oct 1905Newtown, New South Wales I1654
50 Maish, Jessie Edna May  1 Feb 1908Newtown, New South Wales I1655

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Benson, Thomas Houston  26 Sep 1955Newtown, New South Wales I26
2 Hargreaves, Albert Edward  4 Jun 1940Newtown, New South Wales I187
3 Lincoln, Bertie Charles  24 Jan 1894Newtown, New South Wales I194
4 Lincoln, Edward Charles  30 Jan 1875Newtown, New South Wales I234
5 Lincoln, George Ernest  21 Oct 1893Newtown, New South Wales I242
6 Lincoln, George Thomas Ernest  6 Apr 1877Newtown, New South Wales I1602
7 Lincoln, Gertrude Edith  4 Nov 1875Newtown, New South Wales I236
8 Lincoln, Henry C  30 Jan 1875Newtown, New South Wales I1601
9 Lincoln, John Lambert  30 May 1891Newtown, New South Wales I244
10 Lincoln, Leslie Hargreaves  15 Mar 1903Newtown, New South Wales I197

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Maish, Mervyn  16 May 1941Newtown, New South Wales I2090


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Hamilton, Janet Jane  7 Mar 1927Newtown, New South Wales I1164


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crane / Casson  1924Newtown, New South Wales F238
2 Francose / Taylor  10 Jun 1907Newtown, New South Wales F580
3 Hadlow / Marwick  10 Jan 1865Newtown, New South Wales F452
4 Roberts / Lincoln  21 Feb 1863Newtown, New South Wales F443