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The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Sydney, New South Wales



Latitude: -33.8688197, Longitude: 151.20929550000005


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ann  3 Dec 1812Sydney, New South Wales I1747
2 Anderson, Phoebe  29 Dec 1808Sydney, New South Wales I1744
3 Anderson, Thomas  12 Apr 1810Sydney, New South Wales I1745
4 Barker, Richard  1862Sydney, New South Wales I780
5 Benson, Annie Elizabeth  18 Dec 1882Sydney, New South Wales I25
6 Benson, George Edward  24 Feb 1888Sydney, New South Wales I28
7 Benson, Joseph  18 Mar 1890Sydney, New South Wales I29
8 Benson, Thomas Houston  5 Mar 1884Sydney, New South Wales I26
9 Benson, William Joseph  17 Jan 1886Sydney, New South Wales I27
10 Blanchfield, John Matthew  3 Feb 1880Sydney, New South Wales I949
11 Croker, Jean McLean   I1683
12 Hargreaves, Richard Sydney  18 Aug 1877Sydney, New South Wales I1103
13 Harley, David  1852Sydney, New South Wales I480
14 Hendon, Sarah  1856Sydney, New South Wales I214
15 Houston, Emily Agnes  8 Mar 1872Sydney, New South Wales I104
16 Humphries, Eliza  1845Sydney, New South Wales I1095
17 Hutson, Dora Beatrice  1902Sydney, New South Wales I989
18 Magner, Nellie Myee  1890Sydney, New South Wales I458
19 Mulhall, Charlotte Read  1842Sydney, New South Wales I2139
20 Scully, Patrick Carl   I362
21 Wong, Mitchell   I904


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Ann  10 Nov 1813Sydney, New South Wales I1747
2 Baker, Rose Victoria  15 Jul 1967Sydney, New South Wales I1460
3 Benson, Joseph  20 Mar 1890Sydney, New South Wales I29
4 Holt, Elizabeth Cecilia  22 Sep 1981Sydney, New South Wales I731
5 Moroney, Albert Bartholomew  2 Apr 1920Sydney, New South Wales I944
6 Slyne, Julia Mary  27 May 1965Sydney, New South Wales I1031
7 Stewart, Florence Irene  12 Mar 2003Sydney, New South Wales I41
8 Williams, John  17 Mar 1873Sydney, New South Wales I1752
9 Woodward, Ada Clara  Bef 12 Sep 1879Sydney, New South Wales I1934

Certificate of Freedom

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Certificate of Freedom    Person ID 
1 Bromley, Ann  8 Feb 1811Sydney, New South Wales I2144
2 Franklin, Mary  1 Mar 1811Sydney, New South Wales I1741
3 Neville, John  2 Jul 1836Sydney, New South Wales I1798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Convict    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Robert  2 May 1817Sydney, New South Wales I1740
2 Scully, Patrick  18 Aug 1832Sydney, New South Wales I356

Convict Arrival

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Convict Arrival    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Robert  7 Aug 1793Sydney, New South Wales I1740
2 Bromley, Ann  7 May 1804Sydney, New South Wales I2144
3 Clegg, John  24 Apr 1817Sydney, New South Wales I1751
4 Coyle, Thomas  3 Jan 1826Sydney, New South Wales I208
5 Crane, Patrick  12 Jul 1837Sydney, New South Wales I1312
6 Crane, Peter  29 Jun 1834Sydney, New South Wales I688
7 Franklin, Mary  12 Jun 1801Sydney, New South Wales I1741
8 Hastings, Elizabeth  15 Apr 1800Sydney, New South Wales I1808
9 Humphries, James  10 Jul 1837Sydney, New South Wales I593
10 Larressy, Thomas  29 Sep 1835Sydney, New South Wales I95
11 Loydall, Ann  9 May 1829Sydney, New South Wales I1810
12 Neville, John  18 Nov 1828Sydney, New South Wales I1798
13 Peck, James  16 Aug 1820Sydney, New South Wales I607
14 Peck, Joseph  16 Aug 1820Sydney, New South Wales I1273
15 Scully, Patrick  26 Apr 1830Sydney, New South Wales I356
16 Winter, James  24 Apr 1817Sydney, New South Wales I1807


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Behan, Honorah  18 Apr 1841Sydney, New South Wales I365
2 Chapman, Ann  29 Jan 1853Sydney, New South Wales I120
3 Frohmuller, Ludwig Caspar  12 Mar 1855Sydney, New South Wales I905
4 Leech, Mary Ann  8 Oct 1840Sydney, New South Wales I1799
5 Lincoln, Ann Sophia  20 Dec 1848Sydney, New South Wales I150
6 Lincoln, Hannah  27 Dec 1852Sydney, New South Wales I773
7 Lincoln, Thomas  20 Dec 1848Sydney, New South Wales I117
8 Lincoln, Thomas  29 Jan 1853Sydney, New South Wales I119
9 Lincoln, Thomas George  20 Dec 1848Sydney, New South Wales I222
10 Lincoln, William  20 Dec 1848Sydney, New South Wales I148
11 Masters, Eliza  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I619
12 McMillan, Allan  31Jul 1857Sydney, New South Wales I1453
13 McMillan, Donald  1854Sydney, New South Wales I90
14 Nevill, Ann Sophia  20 Dec 1848Sydney, New South Wales I118
15 Noakes, Alfred  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I1443
16 Noakes, Emma  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I1438
17 Noakes, James  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I618
18 Noakes, Lewis Herbert  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I595
19 Noakes, Silas  11 Oct 1837Sydney, New South Wales I1444
20 Sidey, Samuel  27 Dec 1852Sydney, New South Wales I1310

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Robert  4 Sep 1797Sydney, New South Wales I1740
2 Atkin, Gordon Henry  30 Sep 1940Sydney, New South Wales I936
3 Barth, Walter James  8 Nov 1916Sydney, New South Wales I1649
4 Bradstreet, John Michael   I958
5 Fairnham, Henry Harman  21 Aug 1914Sydney, New South Wales I892
6 Hargreaves, Richard  15 Jul 1942Sydney, New South Wales I1116
7 Hourigan, Thomas  11 Sep 1918Sydney, New South Wales I1351
8 Lincoln, George Ernest  26 Oct 1942Sydney, New South Wales I87
9 Lincoln, William Daniel  22 Aug 1914Sydney, New South Wales I1299
10 Lincoln, William Daniel  2 Oct 1917Sydney, New South Wales I1299
11 Piper, Robert Bruce  7 Nov 1941Sydney, New South Wales I1666
12 Sergeant, Vincent Charles  16 Mar 1942Sydney, New South Wales I2045
13 Westheider, Thomas George William  28 May 1916Sydney, New South Wales I1477


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Pardon    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Robert  1 Oct 1811Sydney, New South Wales I1740


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Aspery, Reginald Clive  31 Aug 1971Sydney, New South Wales I968
2 Baker, Rose Victoria  16 Jan 1968Sydney, New South Wales I1460
3 Ball, Leslie Charles Howard  4 Oct 1955Sydney, New South Wales I1069
4 Banks, John Wilson  2 Nov 1944Sydney, New South Wales I785
5 Beattie, Cyril Augustus  9 Jul 1951Sydney, New South Wales I1065
6 Benson, Arthur Claude  7 Jul 1967Sydney, New South Wales I880
7 Benson, Irene Alice  11 Jul 1973Sydney, New South Wales I33
8 Bradstreet, Frederick Thomas  9 Jun 1967Sydney, New South Wales I591
9 Breakwell, Annie  29 Aug 1969Sydney, New South Wales I1222
10 Crocker, David Andrew  27 Sep 1966Sydney, New South Wales I580
11 Crocker, Thomas John  28 Apr 1976Sydney, New South Wales I877
12 Elliott, Elizabeth Hannah  30 Jun 1940Sydney, New South Wales I635
13 Green, Mary Ann  8 Oct 1914Sydney, New South Wales I233
14 Guy, Gladys Glecia  18 Feb 1964Sydney, New South Wales I263
15 Hamilton, Evelyn Maude  23 Apr 1969Sydney, New South Wales I1160
16 Hargreaves, Arthur James  19 Dec 1951Sydney, New South Wales I189
17 Hargreaves, Emma  3 Jul 1944Sydney, New South Wales I108
18 Harley, Donald Arthur Joseph  7 Nov 1955Sydney, New South Wales I491
19 Harris, Reginald Gladstone  29 May 1962Sydney, New South Wales I978
20 Hourigan, Emily Margaret  12 Nov 1947Sydney, New South Wales I355
21 Hourigan, John  18 Jan 1956Sydney, New South Wales I353
22 Jones, Charles Robert  7 Nov 1973Sydney, New South Wales I51
23 Jones, William John  26 Nov 1963Sydney, New South Wales I50
24 Joyce, Cecil Stephen  26 Nov 1969Sydney, New South Wales I1276
25 Larressy, Bridget  23 Mar 1927Sydney, New South Wales I502
26 Le Bihun, Georgina Constance  13 Sep 1939Sydney, New South Wales I648
27 Leslie, Arthur Henry Waldegrave  3 Nov 1959Sydney, New South Wales I651
28 Lincoln, John Samuel  26 Mar 1945Sydney, New South Wales I223
29 Lincoln, Percival Herbert  1 May 1961Sydney, New South Wales I85
30 Lincoln, Sidney James  21 Jan 1913Sydney, New South Wales I237
31 Lincoln, Thomas  6 Jan 1903Sydney, New South Wales I117
32 Lincoln, Thomas George  5 Jul 1933Sydney, New South Wales I222
33 Lincoln, William  Aft 1 Oct 1899Sydney, New South Wales I227
34 Lord, Brian Phillip  16 Oct 1961Sydney, New South Wales I311
35 Marsh, Hugh  14 Jul 1950Sydney, New South Wales I10
36 Marsh, John  21 Dec 1962Sydney, New South Wales I17
37 Newall, Cyril George  18 Jun 1958Sydney, New South Wales I988
38 Newall, George Samuel  8 Jan 1954Sydney, New South Wales I552
39 Noakes, Arthur Herbert  7 Dec 1960Sydney, New South Wales I871
40 Noakes, Frank Llewellyn  7 Jul 1951Sydney, New South Wales I872
41 Parker, Edwin James  9 Jul 1951Sydney, New South Wales I681
42 Plant, Percy George  14 May 1953Sydney, New South Wales I1070
43 Saleeba, David Patrick  30 Jul 1956Sydney, New South Wales I839
44 Scott, Annie Elizabeth  23 Jun 1944Sydney, New South Wales I1166
45 Scully, Margaret Louisa  25 Apr 1888Sydney, New South Wales I798
46 Slyne, Julia Mary  29 Nov 1965Sydney, New South Wales I1031
47 Smith, Sophia Estafern  27 Jul 1950Sydney, New South Wales I1030
48 White, George Henry  22 Jan 1947Sydney, New South Wales I545
49 White, Raymond Henry  20 Mar 1967Sydney, New South Wales I965


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aspery / White  4 Apr 1942Sydney, New South Wales F314
2 Barker / Houston  13 Mar 1895Sydney, New South Wales F246
3 Barnes / Woodward  1898Sydney, New South Wales F671
4 Benson / Houston  15 Jan 1880Sydney, New South Wales F7
5 Cleary / Vaccarrezza  26 Oct 1935Sydney, New South Wales F293
6 Fairnham / Houston  15 Jan 1880Sydney, New South Wales F245
7 Hargreaves / Douglas  11 Jun 1929Sydney, New South Wales F766
8 Hydes / Magner  1919Sydney, New South Wales F137
9 Jones / Anderson  9 Nov 1878Sydney, New South Wales F11
10 Lord / Davis  1952Sydney, New South Wales F269
11 Magner / Dinan  1888Sydney, New South Wales F138
12 Neville / Healy  5 Dec 1914Sydney, New South Wales F631


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 Lyddieth / Humphries  31 Aug 1934Sydney, New South Wales F503
2 McGuirk / Lincoln  Jan 1934Sydney, New South Wales F128