From Blighty to Baghdad

The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Parramatta, New South Wales



Latitude: -33.815, Longitude: 151.00111100000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Davis, Selina  24 Jan 1841Parramatta, New South Wales I280
2 Fortescue, Alfred George Ernest  3 Jun 1869Parramatta, New South Wales I1759
3 Fortescue, William Albert Alder  14 Sep 1867Parramatta, New South Wales I1758
4 Hourigan, Albert Michael   I1355
5 Hourigan, Dennis   I1356
6 Hourigan, Emily Margaret  1878Parramatta, New South Wales I355
7 Hourigan, Gertrude Mary  29 May 1876Parramatta, New South Wales I65
8 Hourigan, Ilene Mary  14 Feb 1901Parramatta, New South Wales I1353
9 Hourigan, James Patrick  1874Parramatta, New South Wales I351
10 Hourigan, John  1869Parramatta, New South Wales I353
11 Hourigan, John Edward Leslie  1894Parramatta, New South Wales I1350
12 Hourigan, Kathleen Monica  1911Parramatta, New South Wales I874
13 Hourigan, Madaline J  1907Parramatta, New South Wales I1357
14 Hourigan, Margaret W   I1358
15 Hourigan, Sydney James  1915Parramatta, New South Wales I1354
16 Hourigan, Thomas  1867Parramatta, New South Wales I352
17 Hourigan, Thomas  8 Jan 1897Parramatta, New South Wales I1351
18 Hourigan, William Arthur  20 Feb 1899Parramatta, New South Wales I1352
19 Hourigan, Winifred  1872Parramatta, New South Wales I354
20 Humphries, Arnold William  13 Oct 1898Parramatta, New South Wales I8
21 Humphries, Edward Thomas  12 Feb 1896Parramatta, New South Wales I155
22 Humphries, Francis Lindsay Gordon  5 Oct 1905Parramatta, New South Wales I159
23 Humphries, Gertrude Melba  5 Oct 1902Parramatta, New South Wales I158
24 Humphries, Gwendoline Winifred May  20 Oct 1900Parramatta, New South Wales I157
25 Humphries, John Michael  9 May 1908Parramatta, New South Wales I160
26 Humphries, Ronald G  28 Oct 1910Parramatta, New South Wales I156
27 McMahon, Ann  1866Parramatta, New South Wales I806
28 McMahon, Elizabeth  1870Parramatta, New South Wales I807
29 McMahon, Gertrude  1875Parramatta, New South Wales I802
30 McMahon, John T  1864Parramatta, New South Wales I805
31 McMahon, Margaret  1868Parramatta, New South Wales I801
32 McMahon, Mary  1861Parramatta, New South Wales I808
33 McMahon, Mary A  1859Parramatta, New South Wales I800
34 McMahon, Sarah  1872Parramatta, New South Wales I803
35 McMahon, Theresa  1863Parramatta, New South Wales I804
36 Rochester, Mary Jane  1875Parramatta, New South Wales I873
37 Rutherford, Sarah Levy  1860Parramatta, New South Wales I358
38 Scully, Margaret Louisa  23 Jul 1842Parramatta, New South Wales I798
39 Scully, Mary  1844Parramatta, New South Wales I350
40 Whiting, Albert Ernest  1890Parramatta, New South Wales I368


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Behan, Honorah  22 Feb 1863Parramatta, New South Wales I365
2 Crane, Catherine  9 Jun 1919Parramatta, New South Wales I699
3 Fortescue, William  20 Nov 1869Parramatta, New South Wales I1757
4 Harley, Joseph  28 Jun 1971Parramatta, New South Wales I499
5 Hourigan, James Patrick  1875Parramatta, New South Wales I351
6 Hourigan, Kathleen Monica  14 Dec 1924Parramatta, New South Wales I874
7 Hourigan, Thomas  7 Jan 1946Parramatta, New South Wales I352
8 Humphries, Ronald G  6 Nov 1915Parramatta, New South Wales I156
9 Magner, Nellie Myee  30 Apr 1967Parramatta, New South Wales I458
10 Maloney, Ann  28 Jul 1875Parramatta, New South Wales I1515
11 McMahon, Gertrude  1875Parramatta, New South Wales I802
12 McMahon, Mary A  1860Parramatta, New South Wales I800
13 Parker, Caroline Vera Grace  1 Apr 1948Parramatta, New South Wales I695
14 Scully, Margaret Louisa  21 Feb 1888Parramatta, New South Wales I798
15 Scully, Mary  20 Sep 1924Parramatta, New South Wales I350
16 Scully, Patrick  24 Jun 1867Parramatta, New South Wales I356
17 Whiting, Albert Ernest  21 Mar 1929Parramatta, New South Wales I368

Certificate of Freedom

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Certificate of Freedom    Person ID 
1 Scully, Patrick  27 Dec 1842Parramatta, New South Wales I356

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Hourigan, John Edward Leslie  11 Nov 1915Parramatta, New South Wales I1350
2 Hourigan, William Arthur  17 Sep 1918Parramatta, New South Wales I1352


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Noakes, Silas  22 Jul 1911Parramatta, New South Wales I1444
2 Whiting, Albert Ernest  15 Jul 1929Parramatta, New South Wales I368

Ticket of Leave

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Ticket of Leave    Person ID 
1 Scully, Patrick  11 Feb 1841Parramatta, New South Wales I356


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Banks / Hourigan  1900Parramatta, New South Wales F250
2 Hayes / Humphries  1919Parramatta, New South Wales F252
3 Hourigan / Daniels   F487
4 Hourigan / Scully  1866Parramatta, New South Wales F98
5 Maloney / Murphy  1873Parramatta, New South Wales F514
6 McMahon / Scully  1858Parramatta, New South Wales F257
7 Rutherford / Wilkins  1850Parramatta, New South Wales F103
8 Whiting / Scully  1895Parramatta, New South Wales F105