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The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Adelong, New South Wales



Latitude: -35.31111, Longitude: 148.06582230000004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Baker, Elsie Jane Eubank  23 Nov 1885Adelong, New South Wales I1725
2 Baker, Herbert Victor  1886Adelong, New South Wales I1059
3 Baker, Minnie May  1877Adelong, New South Wales I1463
4 Butz, Mary Helene  1907Adelong, New South Wales I1284
5 Capel, Ada Elizabeth  7 Jan 1880Adelong, New South Wales I1954
6 Capel, Alice Sophia  3 Feb 1878Adelong, New South Wales I1953
7 Capel, Catherine Mary  1874Adelong, New South Wales I1053
8 Capel, Elizabeth Anne  1872Adelong, New South Wales I1052
9 Capel, Emily  1877Adelong, New South Wales I1055
10 Capel, Frederick Charles  1878Adelong, New South Wales I1056
11 Capel, Frederick Thomas  1882Adelong, New South Wales I1955
12 Capel, Louisa Constance  9 May 1886Adelong, New South Wales I1956
13 Capel, Robert James  1880Adelong, New South Wales I1057
14 Capel, Thomas William  1875Adelong, New South Wales I1054
15 Eccleston, Patrick  1871Adelong, New South Wales I1071
16 Farrington, Lillian I  1896Adelong, New South Wales I1470
17 Hargreaves, Emma  31 May 1868Adelong, New South Wales I108
18 Hargreaves, John Charles  23 May 1872Adelong, New South Wales I185
19 Hargreaves, Kate  27 Jun 1870Adelong, New South Wales I184
20 Hargreaves, William  6 Dec 1864Adelong, New South Wales I182
21 Hendon, Ann  circa 1844Adelong, New South Wales I778
22 Lincoln, Sophia  circa 1851Adelong, New South Wales I256
23 Rosette, Lionel A H  1899Adelong, New South Wales I1073
24 Sanders, Alice Mae  31 Jan 1859Adelong, New South Wales I400
25 Sanders, Elizabeth  1857Adelong, New South Wales I399
26 Sanders, Jefferson Jackson  17 Jan 1863Adelong, New South Wales I402
27 Sanders, William H  1861Adelong, New South Wales I401
28 Tweedie, Marion  1875Adelong, New South Wales I471
29 Woodward, Ada Clara  1877Adelong, New South Wales I1934
30 Woodward, Margaret Jane  1873Adelong, New South Wales I1935
31 Woodward, Mary Ann  1875Adelong, New South Wales I1936
32 Woodward, Richard  1871Adelong, New South Wales I1932


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Baker, Charles Parish  7 Oct 1922Adelong, New South Wales I777
2 Baker, George  26 Jan 1872Adelong, New South Wales I369
3 Capel, Frederick  18 Aug 1923Adelong, New South Wales I206
4 Capel, Thomas William  13 Dec 1880Adelong, New South Wales I204
5 Davis, William  15 Jul 1867Adelong, New South Wales I304
6 Farrington, Alfred E  Bef 15 Apr 1909Adelong, New South Wales I1465
7 Hargreaves, William  30 Dec 1864Adelong, New South Wales I182
8 Parish, Sophia  19 May 1860Adelong, New South Wales I230
9 Ritzau, Henry  1935Adelong, New South Wales I2133
10 Rosette, Lionel A H  Dec 1899Adelong, New South Wales I1073


Matches 1 to 17 of 17

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Baker / Hendon  Jan 1861Adelong, New South Wales F244
2 Baker / Hendon  5 Jan 1885Adelong, New South Wales F227
3 Baker / Hodgson  1884Adelong, New South Wales F593
4 Capel / Kennedy  1911Adelong, New South Wales F676
5 Capel / Schintler  19 Feb 1877Adelong, New South Wales F340
6 Eccleston / Capel  1894Adelong, New South Wales F349
7 Farrington / Baker  1896Adelong, New South Wales F492
8 Guy / Capel  1897Adelong, New South Wales F674
9 Hargreaves / Butz  1928Adelong, New South Wales F429
10 Hargreaves / Capel  10 Mar 1864Adelong, New South Wales F34
11 Hargreaves / Capel  24 Mar 1870Adelong, New South Wales F64
12 Hargreaves / Cutting  11 May 1881Adelong, New South Wales F363
13 Hargreaves / Levett  4 Aug 1856Adelong, New South Wales F362
14 Ritzau / Baker   F744
15 Rosette / Capel  1898Adelong, New South Wales F350
16 Smith / Capel  1917Adelong, New South Wales F675
17 Williams / Farrington  1915Adelong, New South Wales F496