From Blighty to Baghdad

The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Are We Related?

Welcome to our main genealogy page. You must be a member to view these pages. This is an on-going project and each time that you return, more information will be available. For privacy purposes, personal information of living individuals within this database is password protected from public viewing.

This site aims to be a scholarly genealogical work, and as such, we place a huge emphasis on the importance of establishing a record (primary, when possible) for each fact. Facts that have been verified will be accompanied by the supporting primary document or a footnote where that document can be found or sources to support the fact. Ideally each individual will have a birth and death certificate and a marriage certificate where applicable. If an entry has no footnote it is yet to be verified.

How You Can Help.

We are looking for family members to help research our family tree. We are missing many dates and places for births, deaths and marriages.

To enable the easier sharing and submitting of correct information, I've added a family group sheet for you to fill in with the details of your families. (One sheet per family group please). You can find the Family Group Worksheet here!

Send us your photos! We are looking for "portrait" style photos of people in our family tree, in electronic format.

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