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The Genealogy of the Smith/Lincoln Family

Lismore, New South Wales



Latitude: -28.8093154, Longitude: 153.2882876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Armstrong, Gladys Muriel  1911Lismore, New South Wales I831
2 Atkin, Beryl May  1910Lismore, New South Wales I975
3 Atkin, Doris Alma  17 Aug 1913Lismore, New South Wales I976
4 Blanchfield, Dara Veronica  20 Apr 1924Lismore, New South Wales I951
5 Blanchfield, John David  28 Mar 1911Lismore, New South Wales I950
6 Bradstreet, Harley William  18 Sep 1916Lismore, New South Wales I955
7 Crocker, Elizabeth Annie  1885Lismore, New South Wales I577
8 Crocker, Minnie May  1887Lismore, New South Wales I578
9 Crocker, Robert W  1889Lismore, New South Wales I579
10 Gilbert, Alfred Claude  3 Dec 1915Lismore, New South Wales I1090
11 Gilbert, Eric  1907Lismore, New South Wales I980
12 Gilbert, John Roy  10 Sep 1910Lismore, New South Wales I982
13 Gilbert, Thelma J  1908Lismore, New South Wales I981
14 Gilbert, Una Ann  1914Lismore, New South Wales I979
15 Harley, Ada  1885Lismore, New South Wales I507
16 Harley, Alfred  13 Sep 1893Lismore, New South Wales I540
17 Harley, Alice Maud  29 Nov 1878Lismore, New South Wales I537
18 Harley, Amy  17 Feb 1888Lismore, New South Wales I508
19 Harley, Cecil  1897Lismore, New South Wales I542
20 Harley, David Andrew  1881Lismore, New South Wales I505
21 Harley, David W. James  1886Lismore, New South Wales I557
22 Harley, David Walter  3 Aug 1889Lismore, New South Wales I493
23 Harley, David William  circa Jan 1887Lismore, New South Wales I1007
24 Harley, Doris Bernadette  6 Oct 1912Lismore, New South Wales I586
25 Harley, Edward Patrick  1888Lismore, New South Wales I1006
26 Harley, Eilean E M  1899Lismore, New South Wales I1008
27 Harley, Elizabeth Mary  1894Lismore, New South Wales I561
28 Harley, Ernest A  1897Lismore, New South Wales I942
29 Harley, Ethel Annie  1883Lismore, New South Wales I534
30 Harley, Eva  1893Lismore, New South Wales I510
31 Harley, Florence Helena Conception  8 Dec 1895Lismore, New South Wales I495
32 Harley, Francis Michael  27 Feb 1902Lismore, New South Wales I940
33 Harley, George  1892Lismore, New South Wales I539
34 Harley, Gladys Thelma  1904Lismore, New South Wales I1034
35 Harley, Jack  1900Lismore, New South Wales I941
36 Harley, Johanna Annie  1883Lismore, New South Wales I506
37 Harley, Johannah Jane  1888Lismore, New South Wales I558
38 Harley, Johannah L  1896Lismore, New South Wales I1004
39 Harley, John Clarence  1892Lismore, New South Wales I560
40 Harley, John Ulrick  1891Lismore, New South Wales I1000
41 Harley, Joseph  26 Dec 1907Lismore, New South Wales I499
42 Harley, Josephine  1879Lismore, New South Wales I504
43 Harley, Katherine  1900Lismore, New South Wales I1009
44 Harley, Laura  1890Lismore, New South Wales I538
45 Harley, Lillian Elsie  1887Lismore, New South Wales I536
46 Harley, Margaret June  circa 1925Lismore, New South Wales I992
47 Harley, Marjorie Brigid  1902Lismore, New South Wales I511
48 Harley, Mary Johannah  10 Jan 1884Lismore, New South Wales I47
49 Harley, Matilda Rosaleen  1890Lismore, New South Wales I559
50 Harley, Minnie May  1880Lismore, New South Wales I533

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Crocker, Robert W  1890Lismore, New South Wales I579
2 Dimmick, Allen  1 Dec 1991Lismore, New South Wales I1002
3 Frohmuller, Ludwig Caspar  17 Aug 1933Lismore, New South Wales I905
4 Harley, Bridget M  15 May 1944Lismore, New South Wales I488
5 Harley, David  30 Apr 1906Lismore, New South Wales I480
6 Harley, David W. James  19 Feb 1956Lismore, New South Wales I557
7 Harley, David Walter  22 Feb 1975Lismore, New South Wales I493
8 Harley, Eilean E M  2 Jul 1899Lismore, New South Wales I1008
9 Harley, Elizabeth Mary  6 Dec 1953Lismore, New South Wales I561
10 Harley, Ernest A  1897Lismore, New South Wales I942
11 Harley, Florence Helena Conception  2 Sep 1978Lismore, New South Wales I495
12 Harley, Francis Michael  21 May 1970Lismore, New South Wales I940
13 Harley, Jack  1904Lismore, New South Wales I941
14 Harley, Johannah L  1897Lismore, New South Wales I1004
15 Harley, John Andrew  1 Apr 1949Lismore, New South Wales I503
16 Harley, John Thomas  3 Mar 1930Lismore, New South Wales I481
17 Harley, Louie  8 Feb 1918Lismore, New South Wales I535
18 Harley, Mary Johannah  15 Dec 1969Lismore, New South Wales I47
19 Harley, Nellie May  19 Sep 1990Lismore, New South Wales I498
20 Harley, Reginald D.M.  1902Lismore, New South Wales I583
21 Harley, Unamed Female  1895Lismore, New South Wales I1003
22 Kane, Esther Annie  6 Oct 1962Lismore, New South Wales I939
23 Kelly, Gilbert David  30 May 1955Lismore, New South Wales I574
24 Kelly, John Alfred  May 1948Lismore, New South Wales I573
25 Kelly, Owen Joseph  28 Aug 1936Lismore, New South Wales I570
26 Kelly, William John  6 Jul 1963Lismore, New South Wales I571
27 Larressy, Mary  23 Jul 1903Lismore, New South Wales I91
28 Lavender, Victoria May  1 Sep 1976Lismore, New South Wales I938
29 McMillan, Bridget  23 Sep 1949Lismore, New South Wales I525
30 McMillan, Catherine  29 Mar 1912Lismore, New South Wales I523
31 McMillan, Donald  23 Feb 1911Lismore, New South Wales I90
32 McMillan, John Patrick  17 Dec 1963Lismore, New South Wales I852
33 Porter, Elizabeth Annie  13 Jan 1927Lismore, New South Wales I532
34 Reis, Francis William  23 Mar 1906Lismore, New South Wales I565
35 Romano, Teresa  22 Aug 1934Lismore, New South Wales I943
36 Stewart, Annie Mary May  24 Nov 2004Lismore, New South Wales I380
37 Stewart, Rita Margaret  Oct 1924Lismore, New South Wales I389
38 Tulk, Clarence Henry  8 Aug 1924Lismore, New South Wales I984
39 Woods, Cecil Thomas  2 Dec 1904Lismore, New South Wales I913
40 Woods, Donald Allan  2 Aug 1915Lismore, New South Wales I914
41 Woods, Mary E  1905Lismore, New South Wales I909

Military Service

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military Service    Person ID 
1 Crocker, David Andrew  24 Jan 1918Lismore, New South Wales I580
2 Harley, Edward Irvine  14 Sep 1917Lismore, New South Wales I563
3 Harley, Francis Michael  6 Jan 1942Lismore, New South Wales I940
4 Harley, George  14 Aug 1915Lismore, New South Wales I539
5 Harley, Herbert William  9 Oct 1915Lismore, New South Wales I391
6 Harley, John Ulrick  14 Aug 1915Lismore, New South Wales I1000
7 Harley, Leslie  22 Sep 1915Lismore, New South Wales I541
8 Harley, Thomas Andrew  1900Lismore, New South Wales I485
9 Kelly, William John  17 Dec 1915Lismore, New South Wales I571
10 Scott, Archie Maxwell  23 Dec 1915Lismore, New South Wales I569
11 Stewart, Clyde Stephen  2 Jul 1940Lismore, New South Wales I379
12 Woods, John  13 Jan 1916Lismore, New South Wales I908


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Harley, David  13 Oct 1906Lismore, New South Wales I480
2 Harley, David Andrew  15 Sep 1905Lismore, New South Wales I166


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Atkin / Harley  1904Lismore, New South Wales F158
2 Atkin / Harley  1907Lismore, New South Wales F146
3 Banks / White  16 Feb 1926Lismore, New South Wales F316
4 Bell / Kelly  1928Lismore, New South Wales F328
5 Blanchfield / Harley  18 May 1909Lismore, New South Wales F312
6 Crocker / Harley  1884Lismore, New South Wales F170
7 Cusack / Crocker  27 Jan 1910Lismore, New South Wales F331
8 Dimmick / Harley  1920Lismore, New South Wales F324
9 Dixon / Crocker  1908Lismore, New South Wales F330
10 Frohmuller / McMillan  1899Lismore, New South Wales F301
11 Gilbert / Harley  1905Lismore, New South Wales F159
12 Harley / Hutson  1921Lismore, New South Wales F319
13 Harley / Lavender  1929Lismore, New South Wales F308
14 Harley / Mellare  1923Lismore, New South Wales F320
15 Harley / Navin  1916Lismore, New South Wales F307
16 Harley / O'Connor  1901Lismore, New South Wales F171
17 Harley / Reis  1884Lismore, New South Wales F164
18 Harley / Romano  1934Lismore, New South Wales F310
19 Kaden / Stewart  1925Lismore, New South Wales F111
20 Kelly / Higgins  1 Aug 1923Lismore, New South Wales F329
21 McDonald / Harley  1896Lismore, New South Wales F150
22 Meagher / McMillan  1897Lismore, New South Wales F199
23 Moroney / Romano  1912Lismore, New South Wales F311
24 Newall / Harley  1908Lismore, New South Wales F161
25 O'Neill / Harley  1908Lismore, New South Wales F203
26 Rigney / Harley  14 Aug 1909Lismore, New South Wales F202
27 Scott / Harley  1916Lismore, New South Wales F168
28 Stewart / Murphy  27 Oct 1923Lismore, New South Wales F110
29 Stuart / Harley  14 Jun 1915Lismore, New South Wales F109
30 Tierney / Harley  1917Lismore, New South Wales F294
31 Tulk / Harley  1907Lismore, New South Wales F160
32 Woods / McMillan  1891Lismore, New South Wales F302